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Colour: Bronze Green / Green
DAY ET MINI RE-Q Box Cool is the perfect cooler to bring with you on the go. It is made of 100% recycled material in the main fabric. The bag keeps your food and beverages cold, when you're on the move and at the same time it comes in a nice design. You will quickly become indispensable!
Product details
  • Measurements: H: 14,5cm / W: 27cm / D: 19,5cm
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • Colour: Bronze Green
  • Style number: 323250010905915000
Long-lasting Care Guide

You don't have to wash your bag; a simple wipe with a damp cloth will almost always suffice. For detailed care instructions tailored to the specific material, please refer to this guide.

We encourage you not to dispose of your bag but to extend its life instead. If you no longer have a use for it, consider selling it, giving it away, or donating it to a charity.


This style is made from certified recycled material. A recycled Day Et bag or accessory is made from recycled plastic. It is collected and then processed and turned into flakes, which are melted to create new raw material. This material is formed into small pellets, which are then spun into new fibres and woven into fabric. We are dedicated to taking responsibility for the world we live in and making a difference. Our mission is to create lasting products for everyday life and strive to be a purpose-driven brand that remains committed to our sustainable goals. We continuously work to be the best version of ourselves and make conscious choices every day to contribute to a better future. Read more about our initiatives under 'Our World'.

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