Caring for your new Day bag

Thanks to their highly durable fabrics, our classic, functional, and responsible bags are made to last. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that your bag will be usable for many years to come, reducing the total environmental impact of the bag's lifetime.

Top tips:

  1. Avoid machine washing your bag. If it gets dirty, use a damp cloth to remove any residue on the surface. 
  2. Use an impregnation spray on our water-repellent engineered products like the No Rain styles. This will help them regain their repellent capabilities and keep your belongings dry.
  3. Should there be rips or tears in your bag, the design makes it easy to stitch torn seams back together again. For smaller holes, a simple patch or embroidery will not only fix the problem but allow you to customise your bag.
  4. damaged zipper, button or metal part is not the end of a Day bag - easily replace them to continue its use.
  5. Should you no longer need your bag, avoid discarding it. Share it with a loved one, sell it secondhand or donate it, to ensure it continues being used. 



Our bags are crafted from plain-woven fabric made of cotton, linen, or hemp. They are extremely durable and sturdy. 

Make sure that you have emptied your bag and that you have got rid of all the dust and debris inside your bag before cleaning.

Use a damp, soft and white cloth with warm water. Wring out the excess water from the cloth and wipe down your bag with careful but firm motions. Move the cloth around leather trimming, buttons, insertions or appliques to make sure they stay safe.

Avoid colored parts that might lead to color fading and bleeding.

If the bag is only made from canvas, you can also soak the entire bag in a basin filled with warm water and a small amount of liquid soap if the prints or adorments on the bag are safe to come in contact with water.



Our bags are made of natural skins and are one of a kind.

Each piece of leather has a unique look with small imperfections and irregularities, which gives an authentic look. 

Fortunately, maintaining leather products is simple. Marks and scuffs can add to the natural beauty of the leather if cared for correctly.

Most dirt stains can be treated with warm soapy water. Use a damp, white and soft cloth, gently rub the stain away with warm water until it is removed. Then use a clean cloth to wipe the areas that require attention.

To treat stubborn dirt stains, you will need to use a leather care kit and to carefully follow the instructions. 

For deep scratches or worn edges, you will need to use a leather conditioning kit and a sponge to help restore the natural shine by adding moisture to the leather. This will also help keep the leather soft and allow the bag to comfortably receive more knocks and marks when you’re out and about.  



Most of our sport bags are made of mesh because of its strong resistance and its cool look. The first rule of the thumb is to remember to remove your dirty clothes or leftover food at the end of the day.
If you notice any fresh stains, use a soft cloth with warm soapy water and rub the area gently and circularly. Don´t forget to let your bag (including the inside) dry well, leaving it open overnight. 



You will only need a few things to clean your nylon and microfiber accessories:  a soft-bristle brush, a cloth and some liquid soap. 

Before cleaning, you need to find out about the type of stain as it will dictate the removal method.

If you spill on your accessory, handle the wet stain immediately to prevent watermarks from forming. Then use a damp, soft white cloth, gently rub the stain away with cold water until it is removed. If necessary, pour a small amount of liquid soap on the stained area and rub the stain away. Dry immediately with a hair dryer on low.

If you spill any type of oil on your nylon accessory – including car oil, salad dressing or body oil – you’ll want to remove as much of the grease as possible immediately. Use a damp, soft cloth, dab at the oil to remove as much as you can. Pour a small amount of baking soda onto the stained area. Use a soft bristle brush, work the powder very gently into the fiber. 

  • Avoid using cleaning solutions on microfiber unless specific claims are made to their safe use.
  • Do not use detergents with bleach to clean any type of microfiber.
  • Don’t wait. The longer you let the stain sit, the harder it will be to get it away.
  • Microfiber is heat sensitive, so do not tumble your handbag in the dryer to dry quickly neither apply direct heat from a hot blow dryer.
  • Do not immerse your nylon or microfiber handbag in water to clean. 



Silk is an incredibly wonderful, luxurious material that has a beautiful luster. Besides being a beautiful fabric, the feeling of silk on the skin is very light and soft as feather.

If you want to keep your silk accessories forever, you should take good care of them. 

Silk is best washed by hand with a mild detergent. Soak your accessory in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes with a small amount of detergent and then wrap it in a dry towel to remove the excess water. 

If you get a stain, do not try to rub it away with water. The colour will fade on the spot where the stain is. Adding some drops of vinegar will help remove the stains. You can iron your piece of silk but make sure that it is always iron from the backside and not too hot. Silk is a very sensitive material. It should always be a little bit moist. Don’t hang your piece directly in the sunlight for a long time, the colors may change and turn to yellow. 



Take care of your wool accessories and they’ll keep you warm for winters to come. 

It is always best to hand-wash your favourites wool items. If you are running out of time and your piece is labelled “hand wash”, you can always stash it in your washer and set the hand wash or wool cycle with cool water.

Wash in lukewarm or cold water using a mild soap or liquid detergent. Soak for 3-5 minutes, gently remove the excess water after washing by gently rolling your accessory in a towel. Then you should lay your accessory on a flat surface for drying. 

Here come some good tips when you are travelling:

  • You should loosely roll or fold your pieces with tissue paper so that they stay nicely in shape and don’t wrinkle.
  • If your piece is wrinkled, you can either hang it in a steam bathroom, steam or iron it with a warm iron.



To maintain the appearance of jacquard fabrics, you should dust clean your accessories with a soft brush or a damp sponge (wet cleaning). 

During drying, avoid direct sunlight and avoid contact with various chemicals on the fabric. 



DAY ET has bags and accessories decorated with simili stones or pearls, making them unique. Simili stones and pearls may come off, which does not make the product less valuable. Take care of the product, handle it well and properly, and it will last longer.



If you have a denim bag, be aware that denim material can rub off on light surfaces such as clothes or furniture when you use your bag. If your denim bag gets dirty, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth to make it clean again. Make sure to keep the bag away from light surfaces when drying, as the color may rub off. Due to the intensity of the color, it may gradually fade.