DAY ET crossbody bags are useful to anyone

Our wide range of crossbody bags is the perfect illustration of how fashion meets function. The crossbody bag is a staple piece in any wardrobe, as it serves an array of functions. While being practical, as the crossbody bag keeps your belongings close and safe, the bag is also the perfect opportunity to elevate your look. Look for one of our city bags in a bright colour to make a statement, or explore our collection of Gweneth crossbody bags to complement a toned-down look. Regardless of your preferences, you will be sure to find the perfect crossbody bag, here at DAY ET.

Fashion meets function

Crossbody bags come in a variety of design as they serve different functions to different people. You can, however, be sure that function is a high priority when coming to DAY ET crossbody bags. The bags can be closed with a zipper, a button, or a drawstring – whatever serves its function the best! And the straps are usually adjustable ensuring that they can fit you to your preferences. The crossbody straps that are detachable can even be replaced with one of the DAY ET colour straps, to personalise your look even more.

There is a bag for every purpose

Whether you’re looking for a going-out or an everyday crossbody bag you’re in the right place. The city leather bag collection offers you a choice between both classic looks like the Copenhagen and Paris bags and more playful styles like the Oslo and London bags. To make the choice even more challenging though these come in seasonal colours and leather styles as well. If you’re not into leather though, fear not – there are many alternatives both in nylon and other types of fabric. There is essentially a bag for every occasion, and arguably even several bags for a single occasion like the everyday bag. If you are looking for a bigger bag we also have a wide variety of shopper bags and travel bags. Because we can never have too many bags, right?