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Meet Gweneth and the Family

Gweneth is our bestselling group. The Gweneth styles are made in a soft and light nylon material that make it super practical to carry with you on the go.

The Gweneth family includes the popular shopper bag which is known for it’s super functional use – whether it's for study, travel or sport. It literally holds everything you’ll need to bring on an everyday.

The group varies from season to season , but it always includes a crossbody, a work bag, a sports bag, a weekend and smaller bags for makeup and cosmetics.


Sustainable Gweneth

For each season we design new shapes to our Gweneth series, sometimes it’s the same model but in a different fabric or colour. But it always stays true to its DNA: practical and yet vibrant in look and feel.


For seasonal collections we are using only 100% certified recycled materials, allowing us to reduce chemicals, water and emit less Co2.