Find a stylish hat on DAY ET

A hat is not just a practical item to keep your head warm in winter or to protect you from the sun in summer. It is an accessory that defines your look. Therefore, when you pick a knitted hat for winter, a straw hat for a beach trip or a visor for a day on the tennis court, you need to make a wise choice. However, by picking a DAY ET hat, you will know that this choice will always be stylish.


Comfort is key

We all know the feeling of wearing a hat that’s too small, and that is certainly not a comfortable experience. Therefore, all our visors are adjustable in one way or another. The sportier ones have an adjustable velcro closure, while the more elegant straw visors are tied with a band. Our summer hats are light in order to ensure that it doesn’t feel like your head overheats. Meanwhile our knitted hats are soft and non-itchy, because comfort is as important as style.


A hat tops your outfit off – literally as well as metaphorically

A cool hat can add the last edge to your outfit to complete it, or simply complement the look you’re already going for. Regardless, you will find a hat from DAY ET that suits your style. If you’re into bold colours and prints, check out our visors. If you’re going for an elegant look check out our fedora or straw hats to finish off your outfit with. For the winter hats, take a look at our cosy knitted hats and pick the colour of your liking to go with your classic winter outfit.