Make Tomorrow Matter

We don’t identify ourselves as a sustainable brand. Instead, we are committed to making tomorrow matter by taking responsibility for the world we live in. We are not perfect, but we strive to be the best version of ourselves, making better choices every day to work for a better tomorrow. We aim to be a relevant, purpose-driven brand by staying committed to our sustainable ambition: growing a relevant, transparent, and responsible business through an informed and inspired community, by being curious, brave, and constantly challenging the status quo.

At Day Et, we take a holistic approach to being a responsible brand. Whether that’s tackling radical supply chain transparency, choice of material, or head office changes to lower our environmental footprint. What matters is the total impact of all the choices we make, big and small, every day. Transparency is a founding principle of Day Et. By providing more insight into our processes and methods, we want to simplify informed choices in everyday life and inspire and educate our community to make more responsible choices.

Global Recycled Standard

Day Et is certified to the GRS standard certified by Control Union, license number 1035592. Day Et has been certified since December 2021.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) verifies the percentage of recycled material and tracks it from the recycler to the final product.  Products certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) contain recycled material that has been independently verified at each stage of the supply chain, from the recycler to the final product. In addition, certified facilities have met social, environmental, and chemical requirements at each stage of the supply chain.

Day Et is re-certified to ensure we are compliant with the certification standards, a certification we are still very proud of. Being certified by a third-party standard, like the Global Recycled Standard, demonstrates Day Et’s commitment to responsible practices and goals.

The GRS certification is essential to Day Et, ensuring that our products meet high standards and that the full value chain of these products has been verified.

Day Et certified materials:
100% Recycled post-consumer Polyester
100% Recycled pre-consumer Polyamide (Nylon)
70% Recycled pre-consumer Polyamide (Nylon) + 30% Recycled post-consumer Polyester
50% Recycled pre-consumer Polyamide (Nylon) + 46% Recycled post-consumer Polyester + 4% Polyurethane
83% Recycled post-consumer Polyester + 17% Other (Thermoplastic polyurethanes)
96% Recycled post-consumer Polyester + 4% Polyester

Responsibility Report 2023

Working with the ESG framework has provided us with a foundation from which we can further explore our journey to establish Day Et as a responsible brand. Having a structured approach has enabled us to navigate what in itself is a complex process, allowing us to concentrate on the most pressing issues.

We are proud to highlight that from 2022 to 2023 we increased the number of responsible styles created from certified recycled material from 44% to 64%.

Take a deep dive into our responsibility journey and read our report here.

Human Rights

It is our responsibility to ensure that the people who put in great effort to make our wonderful products are treated responsibly and respectfully. This is manifested in our Code of Conduct which follows the UN Guiding Principles and the Bill of Human Rights and is based on the framework provided by Danish Fashion & Textiles (DM&T).

These principles are outlined in our Human Rights policy to ensure that there is a clear understanding of our ethical values and the principles we wish to uphold throughout our supply chain, regarding human rights and environmental responsibility. Our Human Rights policy is revisited annually. Besides our Human Rights Policy, we rely mainly on the BSCI initiative; 75% of our direct suppliers are BSCI certified and 6 out of 8 suppliers are audited each year according to the BSCI standard.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI Certification).


As a fashion company, we are aware that we create a long value chain. That’s why it is important for all business partners within the Day Et supply chain—whether providing processes or components for our products—to understand and comply with Day Et’s values and standards. To organize this, we have developed the following policies.

All tier 1 suppliers have signed the policies and are requested to communicate them to sub-suppliers to ensure they also meet Day Et’s policies.

Code of Conduct

Climate and Environment policy

Affirm Groups Restricted Substance List

Human Rights Policy

Animal Welfare Policy