​Looking for a durable and stylish suitcase to take on your next trip? Look no further than DAY ET! Our suitcases are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car, DAY ET has a suitcase that's perfect for you.

DAY ET suitcases – Travel in style

In addition to our amazing selection of suitcases, DAY ET also offers a host of helpful features and benefits. Our suitcases are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and equipped with high-quality wheels that make traveling a breeze.

So why wait? Start browsing our collection of suitcases today and start your next trip in style with a new, high-quality suitcase from DAY ET!​

Functionality meets design - Designer suitcases from DAY ET

Our DAY ET designer suitcases are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and high-quality travel companion. They are made in a classic design hard-shell material with a touch of brand details, such as metal trim, zippers, and an embossed logo. All our suitcases come with four wheels to make your journey even smoother. Explore our suitcase guide to find the one that suits you best.

Moreover, with the DAY ET suitcases, you’ll never have to worry about your luggage looking old and beaten up. Our hard-shell material is extremely durable, meaning you can use it time and time again without worrying about wear and tear. The metal trim adds extra protection to the suitcase, while also giving it a stylish appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Whether your next destination is a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, the DAY ET suitcases are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and high-quality travel companion.

Soft or hard suitcase - Which one is better for you?

Soft suitcases are usually lighter than hard suitcases. On the other hand, soft suitcases can be more difficult to pack, since you have to try to squeeze things in different ways than you would with a hard case.

If you are looking for something that can take a bit more wear and tear and can hold more things than a soft suitcase, you might want to consider a hard suitcase instead. Hard suitcases provide extra protection for your belongings and are more resistant to damage from being thrown around. DAY ET has a wide selection of hard shell suitcases, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

Suitcase with 4 wheels or 2 wheels?

At DAY ET we aim to make your journey as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer both large suitcases with 4 wheels and 4-wheel cabin suitcases. Two-wheel suitcases are designed for easy rolling on flat surfaces, while four-wheel models make 360° turns and are more maneuverable in crowded areas. 

Our four-wheel suitcases also offer extra peace of mind, as they come with extra features such as high-quality wheels and an ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying. With a 4 wheel suitcase, you hardly need to use your strength, since thanks to the four rotating wheels, we only have to steer, not pull, push or drag which makes it easier and faster for you to carry your belongings. With four-wheeled models. Plus, the 4-wheel models are more stable when standing upright, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage toppling over when you set it down.

So if you’re looking for a suitcase that’s both stylish and functional, DAY ET has the perfect option for you. Browse our selection today and find the perfect 4-wheel suitcase to take on your next trip!

What is a TSA lock?​

The TSA Lock system is designed to help travelers to secure their luggage while still allowing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel access to their bags if needed.With their reliable combination of security and accessibility, TSA locks are essential for anyone who regularly flies with locked baggage.​

Come fly with us - for DAY ET sky is the limit

Looking for a stylish and functional black suitcase to take with you on your next summer holiday or ski trip? We got your back at DAY ET, a pack leader of high-quality travel accessories. Our "20, "24, and "28 suitcases are designed with all the features you need to keep your belongings safe and secure, whether you're carrying your luggage on board or checking it in.

What size suitcase is best for 20kg?

When choosing a suitcase for your travels, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to think about how much weight you will be carrying. Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to pack 20kg or more in your luggage. In this case, it's important to find a suitcase that is appropriately sized, lightweight, and durable.

One great option for this is the Day OSL 24' Suitcase LOGO. Made from high-quality materials, this suitcase is both light and sturdy, making it a great choice for long trips with heavy loads. This luggage is tailored to fit all your clothes, shoes, swimsuit. Additionally, it is packed with a variety of convenient features such as interior pockets, straps to keep your clothes in place, and 360-degree wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a suitcase that is ideal for shorter trips or city breaks, the Day CPH 20' Suitcase Onboard may be a good fit. This stylish and compact cabin suitcase features four double wheels that allow it to effortlessly move in any direction, and its compact size makes it easy to pack and carry. So whether you are planning a long trip or just a quick weekend getaway, there is a DAY ET suitcase that is perfect for your needs.

What size is a cabin suitcase?

A cabin or carry-on bag is typically the maximum size allowed for a luggage item that you can take with you on a plane in the cabin. This varies depending on which airline you're traveling with and where you are flying to, so it's important to check the official guidelines before booking your flight. Typically, this will also be restricted by the size of your airline's overhead compartments.

The cabin bag size is generally around 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, with some airlines allowing slightly larger bags up to 56cm x 45cm x 35cm.  However, it's important to note that this is just a general guideline, and some airlines may have slightly different requirements.

The Day CPH 20' Suitcase Onboard is a great option for travelers looking for a compact and lightweight cabin bag. Made from high-quality materials, this suitcase is lightweight yet sturdy, and features an exterior pocket for easy access to your travel documents. Additionally, the Day CPH 20' Suitcase Onboard comes equipped with four 360-degree wheels that allow it to easily move in any direction, making it a great choice for travelers who spend a lot of time in crowded airports or busy city streets. So whether you are planning a short trip or just need a quick carry-on bag for your next business trip, the Day CPH 20' Suitcase Onboard is the perfect choice.

Overall, it's important to choose a bag that is the correct size for your flight. At DAY ET we wanted to take some of that burden off your shoulders and that is why we designed our suitcases to fit you perfectly!

How do you pack your suitcase smartly?

Create a trip-based list. Roll clothes for space, use packing cubes for orderliness, place heavy items at the bottom, and fill shoes with small items. Keep essentials in hand luggage.