Fashionable everyday accessories from DAY ET

Practical accessories such as cardholders, water bottles and key chains tend to be made in a dull design, because they are small. Yet just because they are small doesn’t mean they should be boring. Choosing them from DAY ET will ensure that they will be stylish and of high quality. We also have a varied selection of ponchos, an essential accessory to keep you warm on colder summer nights or just to stay cosy when at home.


High-quality and high-utility accessories

A cardholder is always nice to have at hand, because most parts of shopping life is becoming cash free anyway. Why not treat yourself to a pretty and high-quality leather card holder from DAY ET? We also offer a large selection of stylish, yet affordable key chains and wallets. As we’re becoming more aware of the environment and the importance of recycling and reusing, it is natural to invest in a reusable water bottle. Our water bottle in particular is perfect to always have in your bag to fill up, because it takes up very little space when empty. Our ponchos are comfortable to wear and perfect to use whenever you need an extra layer.


Stand out from the crowd with DAY ET accessories

As a matter of fact, DAY ET accessories are not only high-quality and high-utility, they are also very stylish and a means of reflecting your style. The wallet you choose is an extension of your style, and whether you like to keep coins and cards together or apart, we’ve got an option for you. Pick a studded or patterned wallet for a cool look, or a solid colour to stay classic. Same goes for our ponchos; would you prefer a cheeky, chequered poncho or solid coloured one? There are always colours to pick from when you shop our water bottles and key chains to ensure that there is just the right colour for you. Our backpacks are designed with side pockets to perfectly store your water bottle on-the-go. With our crossbody straps you can easily give your shoulderbag a personal look.